Where Southwest and classic Texas seasonings come together

Chili Mix, BBQ Rubs and More !

We’re Jack and Beth Ramsey, Texans with family roots in New Mexico and a life-long passion for barbeque and for creating mouth watering rubs and spice mixes that are a perfect marriage of classic Texas seasonings with New Mexico flavor!
We’ve spent years perfecting the best spice mixes and rubs for the barbeque – and beyond. Think savory barbeque, warm chili spices, succulent pork rubs and so much more… Finally, our family and friends have convinced us to share our secret family barbeque and chili spices more widely – so we created Texas Choice to bring all our favorites to you.

Mouthwatering Chili and Barbeque Rubs Keep ‘Em Coming Back for More

Great for grillin’ or bakin’, our Beef Rubs, Chicken Rubs and Pork Rubs will add a little Southwest flair to any dinner or barbecue. Our dry rubs and spices give your meats fuller flavor, and keep them tender and juicy. Whether you’re fixin’ burgers, fajitas, BBQ, chili, enchiladas or steak, Texas Choice is a quick and easy way to  bring gourmet flare and big Texas flavor to your plate – in no time at all!

Browse our barbeque, chili spices and rubs and bring home some big, bold Texas Choice flavors to your family!